Today's class was sooooo good. Such a great way to end my holidays.

Talking about my holidays, my intern is starting next week.

"Mixed feelings."

I'm feeling excited yet nervous. Anyways, I will go with an open mind and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Babe booked a chalet for me as a surprise birthday present for my birthday. I truly enjoyed myself so much on that 3 days. I need it back. Why can't everyday be as happy as that 3 days?

His friends are kind enough to gift me a keyboard, which is what I always wanted.

Sometimes I feel so blessed, while sometimes I feel like the world is going against me. Sometimes I feel loved. Sometimes I feel unwanted. Sometimes I feel like I am something. Sometimes I feel like no one gives a shit about me.

I am suddenly getting back together with my friends whom I used to have conflicts with or drifted with. I am so glad that I am back with them again. I guess real friends are those who stay, despite the good or bad. Thanks for accepting me for who I am. Especially you, charmcheong. I'm so grateful for people like her. In the past, it was me. My fault, I created all the troubles and conflicts. But she was kind enough to forgive and forget. Thank you.

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve such wonderful people in my life.

Class BBQ this upcoming Sunday, excited? I guess. I'm just hoping it'll not be awkward.

Anyway, I shall end my post here and enjoy my holidays while I can BY DOTAing HEHEHE


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